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Real Estate Practice Course

Real Estate Practice Course

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Online Real Estate Practice (45-Hours Credit):

This courses is approved by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). This online real estate class includes a PDF eBook and is completed online from your home. The textbook is simple to understand and the website is easy to use.

Course fees include:

  • Real Estate Practice eBook
  • Course final exam
  • Certificate of completion (upon passing).

The page below describes the course and school policies, steps to completing your courses along with California Department of Real Estate requirements.

Real Estate Practice General Information Page

Course Description:

The use of forms to make disclosures, present an analysis, or enter into an agreement on a real estate related transaction is the essence of Real Estate Practice. Each form is presented as a checklist of items and provisions, based on guidelines and rules for their use, to help you better understand the contractual aspects of California real estate.